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Managing a WordPress site is time-consuming

You probably have lots of things going that needs your attention. Managing your site is probably on your todo list but how often do you get to it?

Making sure your site is performing well and doesn’t have any broken parts is crucial to converting your visitors to users and customers. Making sure your site is up and secure takes a lot of time. But, if your site goes down or gets hacked, you can lose out on money and time.

WP Health is here to help!

WP Health will monitor a variety of useful checks to make sure your WordPress site is healthy!

Keeping your site secure


We check a variety of best practices to ensure your site is secured


WP Health checks to see if you have any plugin, theme or WordPress updates available

Unsupported Plugins & Themes

We check if you have plugins or themes installed that are no longer supported by the developers


We identify any plugins or themes that your site is using that has known security vulnerabilities

Screenshot of WP Health showing 3 red alert boxes with warning concerning site security.

Keeping your site performing well

Screenshot of WP Health showing a table of broken images with what page the broken image is on.

Broken Image Monitoring (Premium)

Don't let user encounter a broken image on your site!. Receive a notification when broken images are found.

Broken Link Monitoring (Premium)

Don't slow down your site by using a broken link checking plugin. Instead, check all the links of your site and be notified as soon as a broken link is found.

Uptime Monitoring (Premium)

If your site goes down, get notified immediately. Keep track of how often your site goes down.

Page Speed Monitoring (Premium)

Find out if your site slows down which can affect your SEO and conversion rate.

Other features

Server Health

We check your PHP, MySQL, and WordPress installations to ensure you are using supported and secured versions

Simple Dashboard

Use a simple user-friendly dashboard that allows you to quickly see the status of your WordPress site

SMS Notifications (Premium)

Want to receive texts as soon as your site goes down or another issue is found? You can with our SMS notifications!

Email Notifications (Premium)

Want to receive emails as soon as your site goes down or another issue is found? You can with our email notifications! Also, receive weekly summaries for all of your sites.

Over 100 5-Star Reviews!

"This is an absolute essential plugin. Just open and see a review of your sites health. Everyone needs this plugin!"
"This is a go-to plugin when taking on a new client. It’s an easy way to assess issues including PHP and MySQLi settings."
"This plugin has been very helpful in getting several sites updated and fixed after a hack happened on my server. I like the checks that it does."
"This plugin has become a standard in my WP setup."

Start monitoring your WordPress sites!